You have great software, but how do you explain it to the world?

Our templates help you create quality documentation faster and easier.

Everything we offer is open source, at no cost to you. The Good Docs Project is a large, global community of volunteers who are passionate about empowering developers to create good documentation.
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Your software is amazing, but what if nobody can use it?

Your docs could help, but where will you find the time to write docs when you're too busy solving problems with code? Our templates can help. Dive into our resources and get productive right away.

Good documentation empowers software users and development teams

Onboard users faster

Good documentation helps new users get started with your software quickly and easily.

reduce time spent on support

Effective documentation reduces the time your team spends resolving support issues by helping users to help themselves.

overcome writer's block

All developers can write great documentation once they have the right tools to guide them.

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We get it. We know how hard it is to get the right information into your docs.

Our community of 75+ experienced technical writers can help with that--and for free!

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Happy Documentarian who is here to help.

At The Good Docs Project, we know you want to provide your users with information to easily use and understand your software. And you know that good documentation is the key to helping people to understand products quickly and efficiently.

But how do you create awesome documentation? Where do you start, and how do you ensure your docs are the best possible quality? We understand feeling overwhelmed while staring at the blank page.

We believe everyone deserves to read good documentation and that everyone should be empowered to write good documentation. That’s why our community of technical writers created a full suite of templates to guide you and your team through the process of creating great documentation.

Here’s how it works:

  • Browse our template packs

  • Find a template that matches your use case

  • Start filling it in

It’s that easy! Start using our free templates today, so you can write docs that your team is proud of and that your users will love.